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  • What is Plexus?
    Plexus is a health & wellness company that focuses on gut health. Their products are plant-based, non-GMO, pesticide & gluten free. They are free from dyes, artificial ingredients and made here in the USA.
  • How can Plexus help me?
    Plexus’ primary focus is healing the gut – people with metabolic, digestive, emotional, mental and whole-body symptoms will see a difference. Some examples: Weight Gain, Cravings, Indigestion, Acid Reflux, Bloating, IBS, PMS, Headaches, Poor Sleep, Anxiety, Depression, Brain Fog, Fatigue, Eczema, Joint Pain…etc
  • Am I obligated to purchase every month?
    No. However, results come in being faithful with the products. Because these products address and support our internal health needs, it does take more than 30 days to reach desired results.
  • How much do the products cost?
    We have 2 options when it comes to our pricing. VIP & Retail. VIP Customer receives a 25% discount on the products. Our larger combo is $209 - 6/8 products - 30 days' supply* The smaller combo of products is $109 - 3 products. 30 day supply* *some combos have a 15 day supply of active/20 Hydrate
  • Is there an Enrollment or Membership Fee?
    Plexus has a enrollment of $9.95 for 1 year. This is similar to a Costco membership. This allows you to purchase the product at a 25% discount & partake in a rewards program. You can cancel at ANY time. No Obligations. No selling required!
  • Is there a guarantee on the products?
    YES! There is a full 60 day money-back guarantee on the products.
  • Do I have to maintain a subscription?
    No. The subscription can be cancelled after your first purchase. However, if you have trouble with consistency, we recommend keeping the subscription on. You do have FULL control to cancel or edit the subscription at any time.
  • What are the flavors of Slim "Pink Drink"
    Slim Activating Microbiome -Watermelon, Raspberry, Lemon OR Black Cherry Lime (gut health geared) Slim Hunger Control (HC) - Blood Orange, Lemon, Lime OR Black Cherry Lime (helps with cravings and suppress appetite)

Is Plexus a good fit for me?


"I have lost 35 pounds, lost 4 pants sizes, and 32.5 inches total. I feel amazing!!”

Brandy K.


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We're a family with a shared belief in Health and Happiness. Your dreams, drive, and commitment combined with our mission and vision is an unstoppable combination!

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